Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership is Bold Font’s foundational group coaching program. We are currently offering open enrollment for cohorts beginning in mid-August. Authentic Leadership is a 26-week, virtual program, one hour per week. You will be grouped in four person cohorts with like-minded professionals, each bringing a wide range of career and life experiences, and all interested in doing the deep and meaningful work required to be a centered and inspiring leader.

Cohorts will be divided into two categories:

  • Supervisor / Manager roles
  • Directors & Above
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In This Course You Will:

  • Discover and develop your authentic leadership style.
  • Learn skills to give feedback and navigate conflict like a pro.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively utilizing the Bold Font leadership language.
  • Have applicable leadership strategies for yourself and your team.
  • Understand leadership relationships: Self, Relationship, Strategy, and Structures.
  • Build your critical thinking and emotional intelligence competencies to drive results.
  • Discover how to achieve personal accountability and build an accountability culture.
  • Understand how you can directly impact the culture of your organization.
  • Have the foundation to deepen learning with our next level program “Leader as Coach”.


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