Invest in your leaders & transform your organization.

Invest in your leaders & transform your organization.

We don’t do the traditional one-size-fits-all leadership development. We will scale up or down to meet your organization’s needs, and we manage the entire process. In this 26 week program, we engage individuals where they are. Their learning is applied in real-time to effectively develop new habits and thought patterns.

Bold Font Leadership Development feels different from the beginning. We implement best practices and evidence-based methods to provide a new leadership experience that will engage leaders at every level of your organization.

We call this The Bold Font Effect.

Authentic Leadership

Bold Font’s foundational group coaching program. 

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Leader as Coach

Bold Font’s advanced group coaching program. 

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Lead with Woman

Bold Font’s female leadership coaching program.

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Coaching allows each participant to focus their development efforts in real time making it relevant and meaningful. This results in an accelerated learning process and sustained behavior change. Bold Font coaches balance structure and flexibility to meet the cohort where they are, regardless of level.

  • Organizations that implement coaching perform 14% better than those who don’t.
  • Individual level growth, as defined by learners who measurably learn from training and apply it on the job, increases by 39% with coaching.
  • Acquisition of new skills and improvement of existing skills increased 11%.
  • Attitudinal outcomes improved by 20%.*

*In 2015, a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology found:

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