Leadership Development

For organizations who want to invest in a standardized approach for a larger audience Bold Font offers educational experiences that focus on foundational skills around becoming a people manager and building and supporting high performing teams.


Workplace Discrimination & Harassment Prevention

Bold Font is passionate about helping organizations create high-performing, resilient and accountable workplace cultures. We take a proactive approach to raising the standards of conduct to help protect organizations from falling victim to dysfunctional attributes that lead to toxic work environments and potentially legal action. We also approach this important topic differently by including elements of diversity, inclusion, power differentials and bystander intervention in order to deliver a comprehensive and meaningful impact on your organization. This educational experience can be customized to several organizational levels with appropriate focus and skill development for each level.


Managing Bias for Effective Hiring & Team Development

All people managers have been faced with questions around effective hiring. They worry they will make a mistake, won’t ask the right questions, or fall victim to their biases. This is totally normal and we all need assistance learning how to navigate and notice our biases that prevent us from hiring the right people to create the team we want. Bold Font focuses on NAM: Name, Acknowledge, and Mitigate.


Opening Organizational Communication & Feedback Channels

One of the primary concerns we hear when we work with our clients is communication. It is also one of the most complicated parts of people working together. This educational experience focuses on understanding the communication process,how to design systems and change behavior to cultivate and maintain open communication channels.


Utilizing Dialogue to Strengthen Communication

Bold Font is passionate about the power of dialogue to strengthen relationships and organizational effectiveness. Participants learn how to utilize the three parts of dialogue and how to leverage the use powerful questions to uncover hidden issues and concerns.


Creating an Accountability Culture

Creating an accountability culture is one of the most rewarding processes our clients go through. During this session we explore what personal accountability looks like. We dig deep into the stories we create to keep us a “reaction state”. Participants learn how to identify what they have control over and how to work and live from a place of choice, courage, and clarity.


Lead with Woman: Women in Leadership

Bold Font is passionate about growing and supporting women leaders. This unique workshop experience focuses on leading with authority, self-awareness, killer communication and delegation skills, and unparalleled ability to manage conflict and relationships effectively. This is an 8 week program that meets once a week in the evening. Click here to see when the next workshop starts. Interested in bringing this workshop in-house for you high potential female leaders? Fill out our contact form here.