Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership is Bold Font’s foundational group coaching program. This program focused on the crucial fundamental of leadership to provide your staff with the skill and will to be the exceptional leaders they can be. This program will get your staff out of their departmental silos to work in cohorts with people from across your organization which will increase communication and leadership. Your staff will be paired with a group of 4 colleagues, from different areas of the company, and will work alongside them and their coach for 1 hour per week for 26 weeks.

Your staff will:

  • Discover and develop your authentic leadership style.
  • Learn skills to give feedback and navigate conflict like a pro.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively utilizing the Bold Font leadership language.
  • Have applicable leadership strategies for yourself and your team.
  • Understand leadership relationships: Self, Relationship, Strategy, and Structures.
  • Build your critical thinking and emotional intelligence competencies to drive results.
  • Discover how to build your own personal accountability to build an accountability culture.
  • Understand how you can directly impact the culture of your organization.
  • Have the ability to deepen learning with our second “Leader as Coach”.


Transform Your Organization

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