Lead with Diversity

Lead with Diversity is Bold Font’s coaching program focused on knowledge, skills, and behavior to deepen your staff’s understanding of how diversity, equity, and inclusion influence and impact all parts of our life. This program will create a space for learning, growth and difficult conversations all to support diversity, equity, and inclusion within your leaders and your company. Your staff will be paired with a group of 4 colleagues, from different areas of the company, and will work alongside them and their coach for 1 hour per week for 16 weeks.

Your staff will:

  • Discover the power of diversity and how it drives innovation.
  • Discuss the difference between compliance and belonging.
  • Learn critical skills for diverse workforces.
  • Understand how power and situational awareness impact equity and inclusion.
  • Engage in Culture Conversation: Race
  • Engage in Culture Conversation: Gender
  • Engage in Culture Conversation: Ability
  • Discover protective factors that keep relationships, teams, and organizations healthy, honest, and diverse.

Transform Your Organization

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