We believe that when organizations focus on building cultures that are
diverse and inclusive amazing things happen.


Bold Font offers a comprehensive set of services to support organizations
in creating an authentic culture.



Cultural Stewardship & Development

Bold Font offers a variety of learning experiences to build the skills necessary to be strong cultural leaders. 


1:1 and group coaching for every level of your organization.



Bold Font was born from a desire to think about culture differently.  We believe that honesty about who you are and speaking with an authentic organizational voice is the what makes a culture truly remarkable. We prioritize substance over style and recognize that a "one size fits all" approach doesn't work when creating and cultivating organizational culture. Each organization has their own set of values and their own “why” behind why they are in business. We've developed “The  6 Cs of Culture" to help organizations fully embody their values and embrace their "why". We believe that the 6Cs are critical for a strong culture and we live by these values at Bold Font.



We stand inside our convictions, principles, values AND remain flexible and open minded.



We recognize the immense power that exists in relationships and their interrelatedness. We know that to see everything as a system allows us to make decisions that are wise and grounded.



We embrace challenging conversations. We know that to express deep caring for others we often have to be uncomfortable. We must be honest with ourselves and with others in order to drive growth.



Our commitments form our reality. We can tell what we are committed to by looking at our results. Our results are made up of the thousands of small choices we make each moment of each day.



With a clear vision of where we are going, we are highly engaged in our work . We are accountable for our behavior and our results.



We are self-directed and work toward mastery and our area of expertise by maintaining a growth mindset. We understand what we can contribute and ask for assistance when we need it.


Much of the leadership team at our Inc. 500 small business, including myself, are young in our careers and lack extensive management experience - none of us has more than 10 years experience leading teams of full-time staff, and most have fewer than five.  Lauran is and has been very valuable in guiding our team through many of the day-to-day communication and organizational challenges faced by our fast-growing company. We worked with Lauran for the six months March 2018 through September 2018 (present) and, partially thanks to Lauran's help, find ourselves in a place where we've got the right people in the right seats, doing the right things. Traffic to our website is up, revenue is up, and we see far less employee turnover. It goes without saying that we plan to continue our relationship. Thank you Lauran!”

Scott Trench | President, BiggerPockets