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Changing the way the world gets coached

Founded in 2017, Bold Font is a Colorado-based, woman-owned company born from a desire to design and deliver culture and leadership development differently.

Changing the way the world gets coached

The Culture Company

Bold Font is not your traditional leadership development experience. With a clear vision, and thousands of hours of teaching, facilitation, and coaching experience; our team has reimagined how leadership development and coaching is delivered.


We're challenging the status quo

Bold Font was founded on the idea that everyone is a leader, and how we view, think about, and teach leadership needs to change. Your title, position, or job should never define what it means to be a leader. Everyone can benefit from leadership and personal development, and we're on a mission to make it accessible.

We work with individuals and organizations that want to transform their leadership and company culture. This does not happen overnight, and it requires difficult work. But we're here for it, and it is our honor to support you.


What's in a name

The word “Bold” rings of personal accountability. When we are bold, we don't make excuses, we don't look for an easy way out. We are sure-footed on our journey and do not apologize for who we are.
For us, the word “Font” has a double meaning, a nod to the power of storytelling and the font of wisdom. That is what coaching is all about. Being relentlessly bold in creating the life you want and finding and connecting to the inner wisdom that is in each of us.

What we value most


We stand inside our convictions, principles, values AND remain flexible and open minded.


We recognize the immense power that exists in relationships and their interrelatedness. We know that to see everything as a system allows us to make decisions that are wise and grounded.


We embrace challenging conversations. We know that to express deep caring for others we often have to be uncomfortable. We must be honest with ourselves and with others in order to drive growth.


Our commitments form our reality. We can tell what we are committed to by looking at our results. Our results are made up of the thousands of small choices we make each moment of each day.


With a clear vision of where we are going, we are highly engaged in our work. We are accountable for our behavior and our results.


We are self-directed and work toward mastery in our area of expertise by maintaining a growth mindset. We understand what we can contribute and ask for assistance when we need it.

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