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The Bold Font EffectTM

Creating the right company culture is one of the most critical things you can do to invest in your organization’s future.

The Bold Font EffectTM

Graphic: the Bold Font Effect: Lead with Self, Lead with Relationship, Lead with Culture, Lead with Structures

It begins with self

The strength of your company culture depends on the relationships your leaders build with each other and their teams. That's why each of our Bold Font Journeys begins with Transform Yourself. In order to lead others, build relationships, create culture, and establish structures, we first have to look inward and deepen our personal awareness.

Coaching creates a customized learning experience that meets individuals where they are in their environment. Participants can focus their development efforts in real-time, making it more relevant and meaningful.

This results in an accelerated learning process with high retention, strong “muscle memory” for new skills, and an environment primed for new neural pathways.

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Coaching benefits everyone


Organizations that implement coaching perform 14% better than those who don’t


Increase in individual level growth, as defined by learners who measurably learn from training and apply it on the job


Increase in acquisition of new skills and improvement of existing skills


Improvement of attitudinal outcomes

Source: The Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 2015


Learn by coaching

The neuroscience of Learn, Reflect, Coach (LRC)

Learn  |
  Create new neural pathways with the introduction of each new or unfamiliar topic. Strengthen these new pathways by connecting past and current experiences to new learnings.

Reflect  |  Solidify learnings with social connections in the cohort, providing opportunities to test and validate thinking, and learn through observation, application, trial, and error. Deeply encode and store new learning in the brain for easier skill retrieval when needed.

Coach  |  Increase knowledge and skill retention by focusing on retrieval and application. Internalize learning material and apply and practice across a variety of scenarios and events.

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