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Brent McCown

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I was most likely to get in trouble at school for missing the bus or not following the dress code or daydreaming or singing in class or uncontrollable giggle fits or doodling incessantly or being indecisive.

My biggest life lesson has been the realization that life is a big, continuous lesson. Learning experiences come every day. And all of them are important to help gracefully navigate the next rise or fall, knowing that some things we just can't learn until we actually face certain situations. Feels like that's what it's all about. Bring it on.

My proudest professional accomplishment (so far...) was collaborating with, producing, and directing Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) from Spinal Tap in a series of web spots for National Geographic. What started with a blind call to his agent, ended with a successful series of videos and featured content on the 25th-anniversary release of Spinal Tap on blu-ray—along with some incredible memories. I am also very proud to hear that I am an inspiring leader from my team. I work for that privilege every day.

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