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I was most likely to get in to trouble at school for failing to eat my school dinners. I used to get sent back to the dinner table to finish what was on my plate. I couldn’t stomach eating bad school food and I just wanted to play outside with my friends.

My biggest life lesson was in 2019, when my father died unexpectedly. Through that experience, I became acutely aware that life is short, and I can’t afford to take my family and friends for granted. I learned time is a precious asset and I can’t waste it doing activities or work that I don’t enjoy. I stand for using my time wisely, having vibrant experiences with a supportive, inclusive, and positive tribe; that empowers, stretches, and lights me up!

My proudest professional accomplishment is getting certified as a coach and starting my coaching business. I left the security of comfortable corporate job, after 16 years, during a global pandemic. When I look back, I can’t believe what I have accomplished and the incredible people I have met along the way. I now know that anything is possible when you truly believe in your work and are deeply connected to your why.

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