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I was always in trouble at school. I called for it ... okay not intentionally but apparently I was a magnet for trouble. I was always mischievous. I still am. I remember how creative my friends and I were in Chemistry labs. How about instead of x we experimented with y? I mean, this is Chemistry, right? They won't give us anything to build an atomic bomb, therefore we are safe to experiment. Oh, what's that smell? The whole building had to be evacuated and our squad got the honor to explain ourselves to the Principal. The problem, I had already been to the Principal's office for another unrelated matter that very morning. The poor man sighed heavily at my sight ... it wasn't even noon yet. That child-like playfulness never quite left me, although today I am doing my best to be more business-like.

I had so many life lessons over the years. One that comes to mind is there is no such thing as a double night. A night is always followed by a morning. No matter how much pain one is experiencing right now, it won't last forever. The morning will come, and with it, the sun will shine, then you will hear laughter, a noise, ... say hello to a new day!

My proudest professional accomplishment is the number of people that believed I inspired them to climb mountains, feel heard and supported, expand their professional excellence, etc. Not as a coach, but simply as a fellow human being. They saw me put aside my workload to spend time with them. They appreciated my advocacy for them to their boss. I could do that easily for others but have the hardest time being my own advocate. That led to partnering with others to build a nonprofit designed to tap into the inner leader of unsuspecting people, helping them transform into professionals with humanity they want to be.

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