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Customized group coaching for Executive leadership and their teams.

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Leader as Coach

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Leader as Coach is an executive leadership development group coaching program designed for long-term success, behavior change, and growth.

This is not your traditional one-size-fits-all leadership development. We will scale up or down to meet your organization’s needs, and we manage the entire process. And we mean everything – from internal communication templates, scheduling, and tracking attendance – we take care of it all.

We use scaffolding practices to ensure participants bridge the gap between what they know and what they’re learning – topics are broken down into digestible sections that build over the course into multilayered concepts. We engage individuals where they are and learning is applied in real-time to effectively develop lasting habits and thought patterns.

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Timing  |  40 hours over 9 months, 1 hour/week

We know that application and repetition over an extended period of time are key to developing new neural pathways that turn leadership skills into behaviors that are second nature. That's why Leader as Coach is one hour per week for 39 weeks.

Pricing  |  $5,000 per participant

Unlike costly traditional leadership development, investing in a leader through Leader as Coach is just $128 per week. Your leadership will leave with lasting results, equipped to retain talent and meet or exceed organizational goals.

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We're with you every step of the way

Easy onboarding

We provide administrative support including scheduling and communication templates.

Tools to succeed

Participants receive a Bold Font Fellows workbook and access to our digital learning platform.

Something to celebrate

Bold Font hosts kick-off and graduation events for participants.

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Learning applied in real-time

Bold Font leadership development feels different from the beginning. We implement best practices and evidence-based methods to provide a new leadership experience that will engage leaders at every level.
Bold Font
Traditional Leadership Development
A structure that allows for flexibility and focused learning that is organic and relevant to the learner.
Learning that can be applied over time in varied circumstances.
Utilizes reflection and carefully crafted, scaffolded learning to increase retention of knowledge and skills so leaders can apply it when it matters most.
Coaches are adaptive and responsive to the unique needs of each cohort.
Leadership that is focused on deep personal development to ensure confidence and decisiveness.
Designed to establish new neural pathways for lasting behavior change.
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